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Of Moons, Birds and Monsters

This site is a nostalgic love letter to the old web. I've been around the web since 2002 and by far, the early 2000's were the best time to be online and, oh boy, I miss those days and some blogs I used to have at that time. I love websurfig here in Neocities. The sites are creative and the webmasters all seem to be nice people, that's why I decided I wanted to be part of the community and here I am! This online corner was made to last!

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Nickname: Karoró

Birthday: 23/03/1991

I like: animals (all of them), cloud watching, music, sewing, websurfing, coffee, pão de queijo, summer nights, winter afternoons, rain, UNO, Fluxx, Italo Calvino, gifs, flowers, analogue photography, letters, lists, random memories.

Some facts about me: I'm brazilian, my first language is Portuguese (of course); I used to be goth and my blogs were all dark; I used to play the cello; I cry very often; I have eye floaters since I was a child, don't know why and don't mind them; I hate social media; I'm afraid of the sea, but I used to have a seashell collection; I often have nightmares about the sea or ufos; I have 12 small/medium tattoos; I've been a vegetarian for over 13 years and I'm trying to become a vegan (but it's hard); I remember the first contact I had with the internet as if it was yesterday; I want to buy a Fusca.

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Themes by Eggplant - I hope it's ok I changed them a lot!

The name of the site comes from this song, which happens to be one of my favorite songs ever, by one of my favorite bands since 2009.

The webcam picture above was taken with this cool web app.

Ninety-six percent of the gifs and images on OMBM came from gifcities, which I love profoundly.

The other four percent of gifs on OMBM: I always try to link back, but if I didn't and any of them was made by you, please contact me, it'll be a pleasure giving you credit!♡

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